The Golden Sun in Beijing 

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Article Title Artist Category
HRP704-2 Lotus Rao, Ning-xin Zheng
HRP7106-2 Tea Picking in Spring Mountain Choo, Boon-chong / Chinese Orchestra of Central Music Conservatory Wind
HRP7119-2 Moonlight Sonata Hsu, Fei-ping Western Classical
HRP7125-2 The Best Collection of Nanyin Au, Kwan-cheung / Kum, Ming-chiu Nanyin
HRP7127-2 Dreamland Xue, Wei / Wang, Yao-ling Chinese Orchestral
HRP7136-2 The Art of Qin Music Vol.1 Tong, Kin-woon / + Qin
HRP7145-2 Guangling Qin Music Vol.7 Lin, You-ren Qin
HRP7165-2 Rise Step by Step He, Bao-quan / Zheng Ensemble of Shanghai Music Conservatory Zheng
HRP7168-2 Lodging in a Garden Li, Bian Zheng
HRP7173-2 Copper Idiophones over the Drums Wang, Yi-dong / + Percussion
HRP7178-2 Love Song of the Yi Nationality Song and Dance Troupe of the Yi Nationality Ethnic
HRP7179-2 Jiangnan Sizhu Shanghai Traditional Music Society Traditional Chinese
HRP7182-2 Violin Encores Leung, Kin-fung / Yu, Yen-cheng Western Classical
HRP7187-A Violin Classics in Red China Xue, Wei / Xu, Zhong Chinese Orchestral
HRP7191-2 Infatuation for Dizi Zhang, Wei-liang / Kaohsiung City Chinese Orchestra Wind
HRP7201-2 My Treasure Box Lum, Tammy Western Classical
HRP7208-2 Tang Capriccio Yan, Hui-chang / Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra Traditional Chinese
HRP7210-2 Fang Yuan Fang Yuan Hong Kong Percussion Group / Hong Kong String Quartet Chinese Orchestral
HRP724-2 Sword Dance Wu, Qiang / + Plucked-string
HRP728-2 Devoted to the Motherland Wang, Tong-yuan Chinese Orchestral
HRP745-2 Sorrow of Lady Zhao-jun Qu, Qing / + Guangdong
HRP746-2 Stormy Surges Shen, Wei / + Guangdong
HRP747-2 Moonlit River in Spring Qin, Peng-zhang / Chinese Orchestra of Shanghai Music Conservatory / + Traditional Chinese
HRP750-2 1812 Overture / Pictures at an Exhibition / Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture Yip, Wing-sie / Central Philharmonic Orchestra of China Western Classical
HRP752-2 Wish for the Moon Far Away Hu, Bing-xu / Central Philharmonic Orchestra of China Chinese Orchestral
HRP761-2 Terra-cotta Warriors Peng, Xiu-wen / China Broadcast Chinese Orchestra Traditional Chinese
HRP775-2 Violin Concerto "Butterfly Lovers" / Piano Concerto "Yellow River" Hu, Bing-xu / Central Philharmonic Orchestra of China Chinese Orchestral
HRP782-2 Symphony No. 5 Mak, Ka-lok / Russian Philharmonic Orchestra Western Classical
HRP790-2 The Flower-girl Kuan, Nai-chung / Shanghai Chinese Orchestra Traditional Chinese
HRP791-2 Wonderful Jiangnan Ma, Sheng-long / Shanghai Chinese Orchestra Traditional Chinese
KG1001-2 Folksong Capriccio Jiang, Xiao-peng New Age
KG1002-2 Colourful Clouds Chasing the Moon Jiang, Xiao-peng / Du, Chong New Age
KG1003-2 To Do Nothing Liu, Xing New Age
KG1004-2 Yellow Children Zhu, Zhe-qin New Age
KG1005-2 The Second Half Moon Du, Chong New Age
KG1006-2 My Way Liu, Xing New Age
KG1008-2 Indefinable Liu, Xing New Age
KG1009-2 Those were the Dreams Jin, De-zhe New Age
KG1010-A The Heavenly Sound of Xiao Zhang, Wei-liang New Age
KG1012-A Of Heaven and Earth Zhang, Wei-liang New Age
KG1013-A Whisper of Tenderness Yang, Xiao-lin New Age
KG1015-A Songs From Within Chen, John New Age
KG1017-A The Fading Village Liu, Xing New Age
KG1018-2 I Take You There Yang, Xiao-lin New Age
KG1021-2 Macau Sensation Leong, Matias / Lei, Evonne New Age

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