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A - alloyed / very high CD quality
G - 24K gold / best CD quality

Article Ordering No. Title, Artist

01 KG1018-2
EAN: 4-892440-101821
EUR 15,49

I take You there
Somewhere Far Away, Pastorale, How Can I Stop Missing Him, Solo River, Becoming Butterflies, Rainbow Clouds, The New Moon Rising, Evening Clouds Chasing the Moon, Red Dragonflies, Pastorale (Disco), Blessing

YANG Xiao-lin (Vocal). XU Lei (Music Arrangement, MIDI). LIU Xing (Dayuan, Zhongruan) ZHANG Wei-liang (Dizi, Xiao, Bawu, Xun). AIK Yew-goh (Whistle, Erhu, Zhonghu, Zheng) and various artists. 51 minutes.

02 KG 1004-2
EAN: 4-892440-100428
EUR 15,49
KG 1004-G
EAN: 4-892440-100404
EUR 29,99
Yellow Children
Yellow Children

The Sea is Gone, The Xiao Player, The Unknown Father, The Fate, The Dry Season, The Child Going Far Away and others

ZHU Zhe-qin (Vocal). HE Xun-tian (Music). HE Xun-you (Lyrics) and various artists. 52 minutes.

03 HRP7168-2
EAN: 4-892440-716728
EUR 15,49

  Henan Qi-gong 

Lodging in a Garden
(Henan Zheng Music)

Reconciliating with the Barbarians, Going Upstairs, Variations on the Folk Tune "Lady Meng-jiang? LIU Hai and HU Xiu-ying, Happy Lantern Festival, The Wild Goose Hunt and others

LI Bian (Zheng). 57 minutes.

04 KG1017-A
EAN: 4-892440-101777

EUR 15,49

The Fading Village
The Rambling Sheep, The Drifting Boat, The Fading Village, Picking Persimmons in Autumn,Realm with Full Self-confidence, An Old Man Gazing at the Sea, Zhongruan, Qin, MIDI,Memories of Childhood, Tree

LIU Xing (Composer, MIDI, Zhongruan, Yueqin, Vocal, Bango, Scrape on Cardboard Box).DAI Shu-hong (Xiao). LI Feng-yun (Qin). CHANG Hsin-yueh (Vocal). CHOO Boon-chong;
LIU Yi (Dizi). AIK Yew-goh (Whistle). Shanghai Soloists String Ensemble. 58 minutes.

05 KG 1006-2
EAN: 4-892440-100626
EUR 15,49
KG 1006-G
EAN: 4-892440-100602
EUR 29,99
My Way
My Way

Still Clouds and a Solitary Crane, Omnipresence, A Solitary Flower in Love with Itself, Samsara, Impromptu I & II and others

LIU Xing (Composer, MIDI, Zhongruan) and various artists. 62 minutes.

06 HRP761-2
EAN: 4-892440-706125
EUR 15,49

Traditional Tai-chi 


EAN: 4-892440-706101
EUR 29,99

Terra-cotta Warriors
Terra-cotta Warriors

Sound of Sanskrit in Fairyland, Fantasia "Terra-cotta Warriors", Flowing Water, Three Variations of the Plum Blossom Melody and others

China Broadcast Chinese Orchestra / PENG Xiu-wen, Conductor. 66 minutes.

07 KG 1013-A
EAN: 4-892440-101371

EUR 15,49
  Tang Feng-shui 

Whisper of Tenderness
Deep in Love, Sunsset Liaison, Missing His Lover, As Times Goes BY, Beautiful Jiangnan, Staggering Alone, The Crescent, Being Aloof, Unforgettable and others

YANG Xiao-lin (Vocal). Wu Xuan (Composer & Conductor). FY Symphony Orchestra (Orchestral Accompaniment). XU Lei (MIDI Arrangement) and various artists. 53 minutes

08 KG 1010-A
EAN: 4-892440-101074

EUR 15,49

The Heavenly Sound of Xiao

Sorrow, Innocence, Sacrifice, Grief, Illusion, Lonely and Mystery

ZHANG Wei-liang (Composer, Xun, Xiao & Shakuhachi). HOU Mu-ren (Music Arrangement and MIDI). LIU Xiao-song (Percussion) and various artists. 56 minutes.

09 HRP747-2
EAN: 4-892440-704725
EUR 15,49

Traditional Healing 

Moonlit River in Spring

Wonderful Jiangnan, SU Wu Tending Flocks, The Moon Rises, Moon's Reflection on Er Stream, Charming Night, Welcoming Kindsman and others

Various artists. 62 minutes.

10 KG1015-A
EAN: 4-892440-101579

EUR 15,49

Songs From Within
Reposedly, Autumn Water, Five Elements, From Within, Thoughts of Zen, Essence, Without Intent, Destiny, Quietly, From Within (Guitar Solo), Reposedly (Previous mix from HUGO Gold CD VII)

John CHEN (Composer, MIDI Keyboards, Guitars)TAM Po-shek (Xiao). YEUNG Yuet-bor (Harmonica). Richard Bamping (Cello). 53 minutes.