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EAN: 4892440714625
EUR 16,99
  Western Classic 
XU ZHONG plays Chopin

Ballade No. 1 in G minor Op. 23, Nocturne Op. 9, Étude in G# minor Op. 25 No. 6, Mazurka, Piano Sonata No. 3 in B minor Op. 58

XU Zhong (Piano). 72 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-102521
EUR 15,49

Moonlight over the Lotus Pond

Traffic, The Passion before Dawn, Sport, Bomb, Date in Heaven, Blue Sky, The Protrait of September, Moving on, Bossa Macau, Image of China, The Cross / Celebration, Hi-tech, Positive Breeze

Matis Leong, Evonne Lei (Composer & MIDI). 50 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-722224
EUR 15,49

  Drums Feng-shui 
Flying Dragon and Jumping Tiger

Flying Dragon and Jumping Tiger, Night Thoughts, Shi-Ba-Liu-Si-Er, Celebrating the Lantern Festival. Spring Filling-up the Courtyard, The Train Entering the Mountain Village, General´s Command, The Rumbling Ocean I and others

Principal Prcussionists: LI Min-xiong, YANG Ru-wen, Kaohsiung City Chinese Orchestra, Conductor: KUAN Nai-chung, 66 munutes.

EAN: 4-892440-721029
EUR 12,99

  China Classic 


Fang Yuan Fang Yuan
(Chamber Works by Hong Kong Composers)

John CHEN: Fang Yuan Fang Yuan / LO Hau-man: Rain Sketch II / Joshua CHAN: Hallucination in a Five-Mile Fog / HUI Cheung-wai: Sorcery Dance / NG Chun-hoi: Lyric Dialogues / TANG Man-ngai: Dawn

Voronezh State Hong Kong Percussion Group. Hong Kong String Quartet. Mary WU (Piano). CHOY Kwok-tin (Clarinet). HO Hong-ying (Violin). 63 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-721128
EUR 15,49

Modern Ballads 




Song of the Great Wall

Song of the Great Wall, Song of the Guerilla, Jasmine, Singing a Song with Hand Drum, Thirty Li County, Song of the Yangzi River, The Athletes´ March, Sea is My Hometown, Alamuhan, Yellow River Ditty, Ode to Yan´an, The Rising Crescent, Doder and Maria, On the Mount Taihang, The Pastoral Song, Little Cabbage, Parting at Yangguan Gate

The Volunteer Sextette: JIANG Xiao-peng, SHU Li, HUO Yong-gang, ZHENG Shi-jie, DUAN Ai-ai, CHEN Yan-le.
Orchestration: JIANG Xiao-peng.
Piano: ZHOU Jin, MIDI: MO Zhi-jian,
62 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-721920
EUR 16,99

  Mixed Orchestra 

Animal Suites

Still Cloud and Solitary Crain, Zhongruan Concerto "Reminiscences of Yunnan" (LIU Xing: Zhongruan), Animal Suites, Symphony No.3

Voronezh State Symphony Orchestra. Conductor: MAK Ka-lok, 78 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-722422
EUR 15,49

China Chorus 


Song of Etarnal Lament

Oratorio "Song of Eternal Lament",
Chorus Symphonic Poem "Ode to China",
Re-visiting West Lake, Your Dream, The Gate of Blessing

Jenny REN (soprano), Roy CHENG (baritone), YAN Liang-kun (conductor), Hong Kong Oratorio Society, Allegro Singers, Hong Kong Sinfonietta,
50 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-723023
EUR 15,49

  North China Ballad

Song of the Black Earth

Song of the Black Earth, Manchu Suite, Goats on the Hillside, Starting an Undertaking, Those Jubilant Days, A Million Bold Warriors Crossing the Yangtze River, Sketches of the Northern Nationalities
FENG Shaoxian, Kaohsiung City Chinese Orchestra, YAN Huichang (conductor).
67 minutes.

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