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Also named as Guzheng, the Zheng is known as the Chinese Zither. The traditional Zheng has 13 to 16 strings but some modern models have as many as 25 to 30 strings. It is tuned to the pentatonic scale with a range exceeding three octaves. The Zheng was already a popular music instrument in Shaanxi Province almost 3000 years ago. During the most prosperous years of the Tang Dynasty, the Zheng was admired by both scholars and ordinary folks. Poems were written about it and outstanding performances were recorded in literature. Its timbre is resonant, expressive and elegant. The Zheng is one of the most important Chinese instruments.

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EAN: 4-892440-700420
EUR 15,49

  Han Qi-gong 

(Han Zheng Music)

Ping Lake, The Soul of DU Yu, Joyful Spring, Lament of Zhaojun, Peach Blossom, River Dragon, General's Command, West Tune and others

RAO Ning-xin (Zheng). 71 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-701526
EUR 15,49

  Zheng Qi-gong 

Zheng Music by JIAO Jin-hai
(Contemporary Zheng Music)

Red Flowers on the Mountain, Li River in Spring, The Miao Mountain in Morning, Dear Mama, Fishermen Song in Evening and others

JIAO Jin-hai (Zheng). 68 minutes.

HRP734-2 *
EAN: 4-892440-703421
EUR 15,49

  Shandong Qi-gong 

Book Rhyme
(Shandong Zheng Music)

High Mountain and Flowing Water, Songs of My Mother Village, Fishermen's Song at Dusk, Swan Goose's Mid-night Caw, Oriole's Chirp and others

HAN Ting-gui (Zheng). 64 minutes.

HRP735-2 *
EAN: 4-892440-703520
EUR 15,49

  Chaozhou Qi-gong 

Jackdaws Gambol Water
(Chaozhou Zheng Music)

The Moon over Xi River, Boudoir Enmity, Admiring Flower, Longing for the Mortal World, The Moon is High, Dragon Caw, Blessing Tune and others

LIN Mao-gen (Zheng). LIN Ji-heng (Yehu). 65 minutes.

HRP7164-2 *
EAN: 4-892440-716421
EUR 15,49

  Zheng Qi-gong 

Ode to Guizhou
(Zheng Music by XU Xiao-lin)

The Moon in Jianchang, Spring in Mount Liangshan,
The Goddess of Mountain, Yearning for the Autumn,
Night Scene of Lake Erhai, Three Scenes, Lyrical Fantasy

QIU Ji (Zheng). 59 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-716520
EUR 15,49

  Zheng Qi-gong 

Rise Step by Step

The Girls who are Picking Mushrooms, General Command, Visiting a Garden, Scenery of Suzhou, Moonlit River in Spring, Farewell the Harbour, Springtime by the Sea and others

The Zheng Ensemble of Shanghai Music Conservatory.
HE Bao-quan, Art Director. 63 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-716728
EUR 12,99

  Henan Qi-gong 

Lodging in a Garden
(Henan Zheng Music)

Reconciliating with the Barbarians, Going Upstairs, Variations on the Folk Tune "Lady Meng-jiang? LIU Hai and HU Xiu-ying, Happy Lantern Festival, The Wild Goose Hunt and others

LI Bian (Zheng). 57 minutes.

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