Chinese Plucked-string Music

The Zheng and the Qin are plucked strings instruments played like a zither. Here are some other fine string instruments played like a guitar. The Liuqin with four strings and 24 frets has a colorful and distinctive tone quality and is also used for solo performances. The Pipa is the leading instrument of the Chinese plucked strings instrumental group. Having been developed for 2000 years today it has four strings and 19 to 26 bamboo frets. The Ruan is a short neck Chinese lute with a round resonance body and four strings, played by a plectron or imitated nails. The Yueqin is developed from the Ruan, with a similar full moon shape but with a shorter neck. Sanxian, a long neck lute, is a three strings instrument with a skin membrane stretched over the resonator.

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EAN: 4-892440-702226
EUR 15,49

  Sanxian Feng-shui 

Fishermen Song in Evening (Zheng), The Life of the North Minority (Suite for Liuqin), Qing River in Spring (Yangqin), Shi Ba Ban (Sanxian) and others

Various artists, 61 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-702424
EUR 12,99

  Pipa Feng-shui 

Sword Dance

Like Waves Against Sands (Pipa), Moonlit Night of Stone Forest (Zhongruan), High Mountains and Flowing Water (Zheng), Parting at Yang Guan (Qin), The Broken String Effect of Zheng and others

Various artists. 58 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-704329
EUR 15,49

  Pipa Feng-shui 

Sunset Glow of Xishuang Banna

Pipa Concerto "Sunset-Glow of Xishuang Banna", XIANG Yu - The Conqueror Sheds His Armour, Pipa Concerto "Lady HUA Mu-lan" and others

YANG Wei (Pipa). Shanghai Chinese Orchestra / XIA Fei-yun, Conductor. 64 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-710221
EUR 15,49

  Yueqin Feng-shui 

Yueqin and Orchestra

Suite for Yueqin "Spring" Spring in Tianshan, Night Thoughts, Nirvana and Yueqin Concerto "Customs in Borderland Village"

LEI Qun-an (Yueqin). The Symphony Orchestra of the Central Ballet Company / BIAN Zu-shan, Conductor. 65 minutes.

HRP7180-2 *
EAN: 4-892440-718029
EUR 15,49

  Pipa Feng-shui 

Along the Strategic Pass

Three Variations of the Plum Blossom, Dance of the Yi Nationality, Inverted Curtain, Xiao and Drum at Dusk, Tune of Song and Dance, Jackdaws Gambolling in Water, Along the Strategic Pass, Dance of the Li Nationality, The Moon Rises

LIU Gui-lian (Pipa). The Chinese Orchestra of Shanghai Music Conservatory / XA Fei-yun,
Conductor. 60 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-721227
EUR 15,49

  Ruan Feng-shui 

Talking To Myself

Nothing To Do, Folk Song, Talking To Myself, Come Round, Fantastic Dreams, Hitting Snags and others

Composer: LIU Xing, SHEN Fei.
Zhongruan: SHEN Fei, LIU Xing. 74 minutes.

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