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Especially in Chaozhou, Shanxi and Shaanxi percussion music and the development of percussion instruments have a very long history. Whenever people hear that typical sound and rhythm, they know it`s the Chaozhou Drums Music. This music includes the Big Drum and Gong, the Small Drum and Gong, the Dizi Set Drum and Gong and Su Drum and Gong Ensembles. So far, there is no accurate historical data to know how long the history of Chaozhou Drums Music is. However, in the form of the Drum and Wind Music of the Han and Tang Dynasties, in the making of brass gongs, we find similarities to the current Chaozhou Drums Music.In Shaanxi Province the Xian Drums Music is a traditional instrumental performance that has been preserved for generations among the people in the ancient city of Xian. The preservation of the musical tradition of the Tang and Song Dynasties is manifest. In the process of its development, it incorporated such as perfect blend of palace banquet music, religious music, music for the recitation of poetry, music of the local opera, that it acquired a classical, simple and elegant style as well as the local flavour. The Percussion Music of Northern Shanxi is a natural pure folk music, played by professional artists, really deserve to be acclaimed as an artistic treasury. And even today, based on the long history of Chinese Percussion Instruments, appreciated artists perform creative, experimental sounds in audiophile recording quality.

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EAN: 4-892440-705821
EUR 15,49

  Drums Traditional 

Xi'an Drums Music

The Song of the Blue Sky, Mount Zhongnan, Visiting the Palace of the Moon, The City of Chang'an, Shaoban, Four in Four and others

Zhouzhi Nanjixian Drum Music Society; Dajichang Drum Music Society; Fusanxue Wind and Percussion Music Society; Xi'an Dongcang Drum Music Society. 64 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-705920
EUR 15,49

  Drums Traditional 

Triumphal Command
(Wind and Percussion Music of Northern Shanxi)

Water Blow West to Bao Tou, Sick with Baby, Planting Tobacco, City for Heaven, Adage and other.

Dingxiang Eight Notes Troupes, Shanxi.
74 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-714922
EUR 15,49

  Drums Traditional 

Chaozhou Drums Music

The Jumping Thrush, Auspicious Dragon and Phoenix, Hauling Fishing, Joyous Lantern Festival, Bei Zheng Gong, Be Made Prime Minister

Linhai Ensemble of Traditional Stringed and Woodwind Instrumental Music, Shantou. LIN Yun-xi, Leading Drummer. 60 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-717329
EUR 15,49

  Drums Audiophile 

Copper ldiophones over the Drums

Copper ldiophones over the Drums, Night Dance, Quartalogue, Sketches of Tianshan, Of Existence, Music for Chinese Drums and Keyboard, Clamorous Flower Drums of the Lantern Festival, Toccate

WANG Yi-dong, Leading Percussionist. WANG Jian-hua, LIU Gang, JIAO Shan-lin,SHA Mi, ZHU Jian-ping, WANG Jun, LI Chang-jun, XUAN Yi-bing, FENG Dan, Percussionists. 61 munutes.

EAN: 4-892440-722224
EUR 16,99

  Drums Feng-shui 

Flying Dragon and Jumping Tiger

Flying Dragon and Jumping Tiger, Night Thoughts, Shi-Ba-Liu-Si-Er, Celebrating the Lantern Festival. Spring Filling-up the Courtyard, The Train Entering the Mountain Village, Generalīs Command, The Rumbling Ocean I and others

Principal Prcussionists: LI Min-xiong, YANG Ru-wen, Kaohsiung City Chinese Orchestra, Conductor: KUAN Nai-chung, 66 munutes.

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