Chinese Master Composition Series

There are great composers in Hong Kong and China and all of them are performed in the Master Chinese Composition Series. Selected Works by Ye Xiao Gang, Orchestral Works by Chan Wingh Wah, Chamber Works by Hong Kong Composers, Symphonic Works by Chan Pui Fang, Symphonic Works for Chinese Folk Instruments by Doming Lam. This is one of the most important and appreciated collections of modern Chinese Classical Composition Works

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EAN: 4-892440-709225
EUR 15,49

  Western Orchestra 

The Silence of the Sakyamuni
(Selected Works by YE Xiao-gang)

Horizon Op.20 (WANG Xiu-fen, Soprano / YUAN Chen-ye, Baritone), The Last Paradise Op.24 (Anton Miller, Violin) and others

The Central Philharmonic Orchestra of China / HU Yong-yan; ZHENG Xiao-ying, Conducter. 67 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-709522
EUR 15,49

  Western Orchestra 

Morning Sun
Orchestral Works by CHAN Wing-wah

Symphony No.3 (For Double Orchestra),
Symphony No.1

Russian Philharmonic Orchestra / Wing-sie YIP, Conductor. 56 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-709829
EUR 15,49

  Western Chamber 




Chamber Works by Hong Kong Composers

YOUNG Shui-ting: Walk (For Flute, Oboe and Bass Clarinet), HUI Cheung-wai: Homeland, (For String Quartet), Victor CHAN: Memories (For Clarinet Quintet with Piano), LO Hau-man: Deesse Fantasique (For Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, String Quartet and Percussion), Clarence MAK: Plain Autumn (For Flute, Clarinet, Cello and Piano), Doming LAM: Breakthrough (For Flute and Cello), Poly NG (For Soprano, Tenor, Violin, Clarinet, Piano and Percussion)

First Violin: V. Lukiyanov, Second Violin: A. Murina, Viola: S. Dubov, Cello: A. Gotdelf, Soprano: M. Andreeva, Tenor: V. Gukov, Piano: A. Sheludiakov, Flute: P. Lavrenenkov, Clarinet: O. Tantsov, Oboe: A. Fedkov, Percussion: A. Amosov. 62 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-709928
EUR 15,49

  Western Orchestra 

Orchestral Works by Hong Kong Composers

Richard TSANG: Prelude, LAW Wing-fai: Sphere Supreme, Joshua CHAN: Devotions of Morning Fragrance, Daniel LAW: Symphony No.2, CHAN Wing-wah: Transit

Russian Philharmonic Orchestra / MAK Ka-lok, Conductor. 56 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-710429
EUR 15,49

  Western Orchestra 

(Selected Works by LAW Wing-fai)

Pipa Concerto (WONG Ching, Soloist), Phantasm (Wendy LAW, Cello), Musica Concertata for Orchestra

Russian Philharmonic Orchestra / Tsung YEH, Conductor. 60 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-714724
EUR 15,49

  Chinese Orchestra 

The Insect World
(Symphonic Works for Chinese Folk Instruments by Doming LAM)

Autumn Execution, The Insect World, Silent Prayer,
Kung-fu, Song of Pure Happiness

The Central Chinese Orchestra of China / KWAN Nai-chung, Conductor. 78 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-717725
EUR 15,49

  Mixed Orchestra 

The Legend of a Yellow Crane

Piano Concerto "The Mountain Forest" (ZHU Da-ming, Piano), Symphonic Suite "Yunnan Tone Poem",   Symphonic Poem "The Legend of a Yellow Crane" (CHOO Boon-chong, Dizi)

Hong Kong Sinfonietta / Tsung YEH, Conductor. 72 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-718425
EUR 15,49

  Western Orchestra 

CHAN Wing-wah

Symphony No.5 "The Three Kingdoms"(For Double Orchestra, 1995), Impact (For Four Percussionists, 1995), Symphony No.6 "Reunification"(1996)

Voronezh State Symphony Orchestra / MAK Ka-lok, Conductor. 51 minutes

HRP7204-2 *
EAN: 4892440720428
EUR 15,49

  Mixed Orchestra 

A Wonder of Naxi
(Hong Kong Sinfonietta)

SLIU Yuan: Symphonie Rhapsody "Memorabilia from Mt. Awa" / ZHU Jian-er: Tone Poem "A Wonder of Naxi" / ZHANG Chien-yi: Tone Poem "Northern Forest" / CHEN Yi: "Duo Ye" No.2

Hong Kong Sinfonietta / Tsung YEH, Conductor.

73 minutes.

HRP7205-2 *
EAN: 4892440720527
EUR 15,49

  Mixed Orchestra 

Enigmas of the Moon
(Hong Kong Sinfonietta)

CHAN Hing-yan: Enigmas of the Moon (WONG Sun-tat, Huqin Wendy LAW, Cello) / GAO Wei-jie: Dream of Meeting (ZHANG Wei-liang, Dizi Pierre-Yves Artaud, Flute) / LAW Wing-fai: A Thousand Sweeps (WONG Ching, Pipa) / Joshua CHAN: Prelude to 97 (TAM PO-shek, Xiao CHOI Ngar-si, Zheng) / SO Ting-cheong: Man Ching

Hong Kong Sinfonietta / Zuo-huang CHEN; Tsung YEH, Conductor. 75 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-721920
EUR 16,99

  Mixed Orchestra 

Animal Suites

Still Cloud and Solitary Crain, Zhongruan Concerto "Reminiscences of Yunnan" (LIU Xing: Zhongruan), Animal Suites, Symphony No.3

Voronezh State Symphony Orchestra. Conductor: MAK Ka-lok, 78 minutes.

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