Chinese Bowed-string Music

The bowed string instruments became popular during the Song Dynasty. This instruments are used in a different way than violines, they all have two strings, placed on one leg they are played vertically. The Erhu is the most widely used bowed string instrument in China. It has been constantly modified so that its tone is both mellow and bright. Played with a variety of techniques it is now extremely popular for both solo and orchestral performances. The bow is clasped between the two strings, the sound body is covered with a snake skin. Because of its mellow tonalities, the Gaohu is an important instrument used in the Cantonese Opera. The sound body of the Banhu is covered with a thin slice of wood. Its tone is clear and articulate and widely used in Chinese Orchestras and it comes in three sizes, the soprano, the mezzo soprano and the alto. The Zhuihu combines the the left hand technique of the plucked string instrument Sanxian and the right hand bow technique of the Erhu. The Jinghu, the chief instrument of the Beijing Opera, is smaller in size than the other bowed string instruments. Its tembre is sonorous and bright.

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  Erhu Qi-gong 

Legends of Kelaxin Grassland

Erhu Concerto "Parting of The Newly Weds", Reminiscence of Lady QIN Er, Curtain Stockade and others

MIN Hui-fen (Erhu). Shanghai Chinese Orchestra; The Ensemble of Shanghai Beijing Opera House / XIA Fei-yun, Conductor. 65 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-706521
EUR 15,49

  Huqin Qi-gong 

LIU Ming-Yuan
Favorite Huqin Pieces

The Tunes of Shaanxi Opera (Banhu), Beautiful Southern Scenery (Gaohu), The Ditty of Henan Province (Erhu), On the Grasslands (Zhonghu) and others, 63 minutes.

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