Chinesische Orchestermusik
(gespielt auf westlichen Instrumenten)

Klassische chinesische Musik. Exzellente Stücke und Kompositionen, gespielt auf westlichen Instrumenten und vorgetragen von China's großen Orchestern und Solisten. Ein einmaliger Höhepunkt in der Welt der Musik: Chinesische musikalische Gefühle und Emotionen mit westlichen Instrumenten zum Ausdruck gebracht. Schöne Stücke für Harfe, Klavier und Geige, volkstümliche Stücke und Mondmelodien, Shanghai Oldies u.v.a. The Shanghai Conservatory String Orchestra, das zentrale philharmonische Orchester von China, das Symphonie Orchester von Veronezh und das Orchester der Roten Armee.

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EAN: 4-892440-702820
EUR 15,49

  China Classic 

Devoted to the Motherland
Harp Pieces

Moonlit River in Spring, Singing Voice of Youth, Embroidering Purse, Fisherman Song in Evening, Sketch of Tibet (Suite) and others

WANG Tong-juan (Harp). 56 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-703025
EUR 15,49

  China Classic 


Flower and Adolescent
Chinese Violin Pieces

Summer Night, Dances beyond the Frontier, Rise Step by Step, Happy New Year, Nostalgia, Why are the Flowers Fiery Red and others

TIAN Jing; FANG Fang; SHUI Bing; SUN Yi (Violin). The Girl String Ensemble of Shanghai Music Conservatory / DING Zhi-nuo, Conductor. 66 minutes.

HRP751-2 *
EAN: 4-892440-705128
EUR 15,49

  Taiwan Classic 


EAN: 4-892440-705104
EUR 29,99

Taiwan Folk Melodies

Black Skies, Village Melody, White Peony, Mountain of Youth, Flower in a Rainy Night, Rainy Night at the Port and others

The Central Philharmonic Orchestra of China / HU Bing-xu, Conductor. Music Arrangement: JI Cheng; FAN Wei-qiang. 56 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-705227
EUR 15,49

  China Classic 

Wish for the Moon Far Away

Rosy Clouds Chasing the Moon, The Moon Tells You My Heart, The Autumn Moon over the Calm Lake, Moon River and others

The Central Philharmonic Orchestra of China / HU Bing-xu, Conductor. Music Arrangement: QU Cheng-jiu; JI Cheng. 56 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-706927
EUR 15,49

  Shanghai Classic 

Buffalo Boy's Flute
(ZHOU Xuan Golden Hits)

Selected Tunes from the Dance Drama "Fish Beauty", North Wind is Blowing, Happy Woman Soldiers, Five Yunnan Folksongs and others

SHI Shu-cheng (Piano). 61 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-707023
EUR 15,49

  China Classic 


EAN: 4-892440-707009
EUR 29,99

Lady General MU Takes Command
Lady General MU Takes Command

Capriccio on a Theme of Anhui Folksong, Symphonic Poem "Lady General MU Takes Command", Symphonic Poem "Ga Da Mei Lin" and others

The Central Philharmonic Orchestra of China / HU Bing-xu, Conductor. 60 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-707528
EUR 12,99

  China Classic 


EAN: 4-892440-707504
EUR 29,99

Yellow River / Butterfly Lovers
Yellow River / Butterfly Lovers

Violin Concerto "Butterfly Lovers" & Piano Concerto "Yellow River"

Violin Concerto "Butterfly Lovers" (KONG Zhao-hui, Soloist), Piano Concerto "Yellow River" (SHI Shu-cheng, Soloist) and others

The Central Philharmonic Orchestra of China / HU Bing-xu, Conductor. 65 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-710122
EUR 15,49

  China Classic 


EAN: 4-892440-710108
EUR 29,99

A Carter's Love Story
A Carter's Love Story

In the Silver Moonlight, Youthful Dance, Shalihongba, At a Place Far Away, Let me Raise Your Headdress, Alamuhan and others

Music Arrangement: KWAN Nai-chung. Russian Philharmonic Orchestra / MAK Ka-lok, Conductor. 57 minutes.

AN: 4-892440-712720
EUR 12,99

  China Classic 


EAN: 4-892440-712706
EUR 29,99


Early Spring in Jiangnan, Summer Night, Spring of Xinjiang, Fisherman's Song at Sunset, Sonata for Violin and Piano "The Orient Pearl" and others

XUE Wei (Violin). WANG Yao-ling (Piano).
65 minutes.

HRP7175-2 *
EAN: 4-892440-717527
EUR 15,49

  China Classic 


Sketches of Yunnan
(Orchestral Works on Themes of Chinese Folk Songs by BAO Yuan-kai)

Flowing Stream, Blossoming for Rainwater, Expecting the Blossom of Scholartree, Embroider a Pouch, The Scenery of Wuxi, Bamboo-flute Tune, Love Song of the Taiya Nationality, Festival of the Mount Ali and others

Voronezh State Symphony Orchestra / MAK Ka-lok, Conductor. 61 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-718326
EUR 15,49

  China Classic 

(Symphonic Works for Band by Chen Qian)

Concerto for Trumpet and Band, Symphonic Overture for Band, Symphony No.1 for Band

The Military Band of the P.L.A. of China/ZHENG Xiao-ying, Conductor.
61 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-718777

EUR 15,49
  China Classic 

Violin Classics in Red China

The Golden Furnace, The Sun Shines over Taxkorgan, Lapping Waves of the Lake Hong, Morning in Miao Mountain, Zhuang's Brocade to Chairman MAO, Jasmine, Joyful New Year, A pleasant Night and others

XUE Wei (Violin). XU Zhong (Piano).
57 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-720923
EUR 15,49

  China Classic 


Towards the Superior
(Orchestral Works by Hong Kong Composers)

SO Ting-cheong: Towards the Superior / Clarence MAK: Illimitable Heaven / CHUNG Yiu-kwong: Under the Red Eaves / David GWILT: Dances for Orchestra / Victor CHAN: Hsien / LAM Shun: Saytankarxi

Hong Kong Sinfonietta / YIP Wing-sie, Conductor. 74 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-721029
EUR 12,99

  China Classic 


Fang Yuan Fang Yuan
(Chamber Works by Hong Kong Composers)

John CHEN: Fang Yuan Fang Yuan / LO Hau-man: Rain Sketch II / Joshua CHAN: Hallucination in a Five-Mile Fog / HUI Cheung-wai: Sorcery Dance / NG Chun-hoi: Lyric Dialogues / TANG Man-ngai: Dawn

Voronezh State Hong Kong Percussion Group. Hong Kong String Quartet. Mary WU (Piano). CHOY Kwok-tin (Clarinet). HO Hong-ying (Violin). 63 minutes.

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