Volkslieder, Opern, Gesangsstücke

Eine Sammlung von Volksliedern und Opern aus allen chinesischen Provinzen: Volkslieder aus Sichuan, Liaoning, Guangxi, Anhui, Shanxi, Hunan, Neimeng, Hebei, Qinghai, Jilin, Gansu, Heilongjian, Jiangsu, Ningxia, Henan, Jiangxi, Shaanxi, Shandong, Yunnan, Hubei. Ein Geschmack der einfachen aber glücklichen Lebensart in verschiedenen ländlichen Gebieten Chinas. Die Aufnahmen wurden gemacht mit verschiedenen volkstümlichen Orchestern und Solisten, dem Shanghai Kinderchor, dem Quingdao Kinderchor, dem Shanghai Mädchenchor und dem zentralen philharmonischen Orchester von China.

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EAN: 4-892440-300125
EUR 15,49

  Opera Songs 


Expressions of Love

Fair House of Joy, Little Elegy, The Salley Gardens, Nightingale, Serenade, When I Have Sung My Songs, Love's Secret and others

LEE Bing (Mezzo-soprano). Geoffrey Parsons (Piano). 57 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-703124
EUR 15,49

  Sichuan Folksongs 


Sichuan Folk Song and Ballad Vol.1

Plucking Chinese Flowering Crabapple, My Lover, Chinese Littleleaf Box Carrying Pole, Embroidered Purse, Happy Sunrise and others

LIAN Zheng-hua; LI Su-hua; LI Cun-lian; CHENG Yong-ling; TIAN Meng-jun; DENG Jun-ru; LIU Shu-hua (Vocal). Ensemble Group for Sichuan Folk Songs / FENG Bo; HU Jie-xu, Conductor. 56 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-703223
EUR 15,49

  Sichuan Folksongs 


Sichuan Folk Song and Ballad Vol.2

Flying Kites, My Diligent Sister, What a Cruel Crab, Brother WANG's Tune, Longing for My Lover, Broken Bridge, Beating Princess and others

LIAN Zheng-hua; LI Su-hua; LI Cun-lian; CHENG Yong-ling; TIAN Lin-ping; TIAN Meng-jun; WANG Tie-jun (Vocal). Ensemble Group for Sichuan Folk Songs / FENG Bo; HU Jie-xu, Conductor. 56 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-704923
EUR 15,49

  China Folksongs 


Going to West Gate
(Chinese Folk Songs)

Guessing Flowers, Blossom Song, A Girl Sees Her True Love Off, Celebrating the Lantern Festival, Little Cabbage, Cui Dong Cui and others

SHAN Xiu-rong (Vocal). Beijing Jingying Chinese Orchestra / HU Bing-xu, Conductor. Music Arrangement: HUANG Xiao-fei. 54 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-707122
EUR 15,49

  Shaanxi Folksongs 


Lady LAN Hua-hua
(Northern Shaanxi Folk Songs)

Daughter's Song, Boat Song, Driving Livestocks, Going to Xikou, Red Flowers on Mountain, An Ode to New Life and others

FENG Jian-xue; YUAN En-feng; YANG Qiao; YU Gui-rong; MA Zi-qing; ZHANG Zhi-bin (Vocal). The Chinese Orchestra of Shaanxi Song and Dance Troupe / MA Chang-chun, Conductor. 53 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-708327
EUR 15,49

  China Chorus 


To Meet My Lover
(Chinese Choral Works)

Playing Flower Lanterns, Ditty of Yimeng Mountain, Jasmine, Ballad for Tea Hills, Song of Li River Boatmen, Red Flowers on Mountain and others

The Orchestra and Chorus of Central Chinese Orchestra / HU Bing-xu, Conductor. 70 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-708822
EUR 15,49

  Shanxi Folksongs 

Embroider a Pouch
(Shanxi Folk Songs)

Seeing off My Lover, Making Soft Pancake, Who is That, A Big Red Rooster, Missing My Lover, Return Home, Nostalgia and others

SHAN Xiu-rong; XU Yue-ying; YANG Zhong-qing; NIU Bao-lin; SHAN Jun (Vocal). The Chinese Orchestra of Shanxi Song and Dance Troupe / JING Jian-shu, Conductor. 65 minutes.

HRP7117-2 *
EAN: 4-892440-711723
EUR 15,49

  China Ballads 

HRP7117-G *
EAN: 4-892440-711709
EUR 29,99

Yellow River Cantata
Yellow River Cantata

Chinese Rhapsody, The Salvation Military Song*, The Guerilla*, On the Mount Taihang*, To the Rear of the Enemy* and The Memorial Song*

Shanghai Symphony Orchestra; Shanghai Philharmonic Chorus / CAO Ding, Conductor. *ZHANG Wei, Piano Accompanist. 59 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-712423
EUR 15,49

  China Folksongs 


EAN: 4-892440-712409
EUR 29,99

The River All Red
The River All Red

Family Song, The Great River Eastward Flows, At a Place Far Away, Pastoral Song, On the River Song-hua-jiang, Midnight Song and others

Warren MOK (Tenor). The Central Philharmonic Orchestra of China / KWAN Nai-chung, Conductor. 72 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-718920
EUR 15,49

Children Chorus 



The Westerly's Murmur

Chit-Chat Polka, The Trout, On Wings of Song, Lullaby, Chorus of Urchins, The Swan, Minuet, To Music, The Blue Danube, The Nightingale, Echo, Let There Be Peace on Earth , Esti Dal, The Westerly's Murmur, The Rising Crescent, The Tune of Bao-leng, Sing the Praises of the Sun, The Breeze of Qingdao, The Running Stream, The Pastoral Song

Qingdao Children's Choir / GU Guang-jun, Conductor. SHI Hui; GU Xiao-xi, Piano Accompanist. 62 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-721128
EUR 16,99

Modern Ballads 
Song of the Great Wall

Song of the Great Wall, Song of the Guerilla, Jasmine, Singing a Song with Hand Drum, Thirty Li County, Song of the Yangzi River, The Athletes' March, Sea is My Hometown, Alamuhan, Yellow River Ditty, Ode to Yan' an, The Rising Crescent, Doder and Maria, On the Mount Taihang, The Pastoral Song, Little Cabbage, Parting at Yangguan Gate

The Volunteer Sextette: JIANG Xiao-peng, SHU Li, HUO Yong-gang, ZHENG Shi-jie, DUAN Ai-ai, CHEN Yan-le.
Orchestration: JIANG Xiao-peng.
Piano: ZHOU Jin, MIDI: MO Zhi-jian,
62 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-722422
EUR 16,99

China Chorus 


Song of Etarnal Lament

Oratorio "Song of Eternal Lament",
Chorus Symphonic Poem "Ode to China",
Re-visiting West Lake, Your Dream, The Gate of Blessing

Jenny REN (soprano), Roy CHENG (baritone), YAN Liang-kun (conductor), Hong Kong Oratorio Society, Allegro Singers, Hong Kong Sinfonietta,
50 minutes.

EAN: 4-892440-723023
EUR 16,99

  North China Ballad

Song of the Black Earth

Song of the Black Earth, Manchu Suite, Goats on the Hillside, Starting an Undertaking, Those Jubilant Days, A Million Bold Warriors Crossing the Yangtze River, Sketches of the Northern Nationalities
FENG Shaoxian, Kaohsiung City Chinese Orchestra, YAN Huichang (conductor).
67 minutes.

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